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Working at MULTIVAC

Our employees are our most valuable asset and the most important investment for our future. We place great value on long-term working relationships and a good work environment. We aim to offer all our employees a business environment with exciting opportunities for professional development. We are therefore particularly committed to their training and further education.

We also offer our employees various family-friendly working models, so that they can bring family and work into a harmonious balance.

We foster exceptional and dedicated individuals, who share our vision.

We provide all our employees with an environment for their personal development and, as a leading international company, we assume our responsibilities in a global society.

Our work environment encourages our employees to actively contribute to the development of our company and become involved in the continual improvement of our products and processes.

The key elements are our company values and offering workplaces, which are modern, ergonomic, and secure, as well as fostering the individual needs of our employees.

Training and further education

Training and further education are written in capital letters at MULTIVAC. Our personnel concept, which is designed for the long term, is focused on our company strategy and on social megatrends such as demographic change, diversity, individuality, social mobility, health and education.

The focus of our training and further education programs includes:

  • Training courses in the MULTIVAC Training & Innovation Center
  • Access to eLearning modules
  • Further development by MULTIVAC trainers of every employee's knowledge base in a wide range of areas